What is the VisiGrader?

The VisiGrader is a screen display used to simplify the grading of lobsters by using color or crate number to indicate the destination crate. Operators can grade by color or crate number. When a lobster is placed on or removed from a digital scale, a color or crate number appears to indicate which destination crate to place the lobster in. There can be 8 or 12 destination crates.

Using colors, each crate is assigned 1 of 8 or 12 colors, corresponding to the weight range for the crate. All lobsters that show green go in the green crate. Those that show blue go in the blue crate and so on...

Using crate numbers, each crate is assigned a number from 1 to 8 or 12.  All lobsters that show "2" go in crate 2. Those that show "5" go in crate 5 and so on...

How does it work?

With the VisiGrader, a crate of lobsters is placed on the digital scale.

Only one operator is required.

As each lobster is removed from the crate, the VisiGrader instantly indicates by color or number which destination crate the lobster should be placed in. The person grading simply observes the color or number and places the lobster in the correct crate.

Thus one person can grade lobsters almost as fast as two people.

Changing Grade Weights

The weight ranges for each color or crate number are programmed using the built-in touchscreen.

Different customers may have differing grade requirements.  Different weight ranges can be saved and identified by customer name. A new set of weights can be selected by customer name.

For the operator the process is the same as before: all lobsters that show green (or crate 3) go in the green crate (or crate 3). Those that show blue (or crate 5) go in the blue crate (or crate 5). And so on...

Hooking it up:

The VisiGrader works with existing scales with a printer connection. The scale is connected to the VisiGrader by a cable to the printer port. The digital scales continue to operate normally.

VisiGrader is left on all the time to avoid damage by the cold, wet conditions in most grading rooms.

Click here for a short (39 sec) video, showing the VisiGrader in action.

Click here to look at the Instruction Manual

Where to buy the VisiGrader:

We serve Eastern Canada and the Northeastern USA directly.

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