Lobster processors find that using the VisiGrader increases profits by

  • improving grading accuracy,
  • making it easier for new workers to learn how to grade lobsters,
  • improving labor efficiency,
  • reducing lobster stress and
  • reducing worker stress,

... resulting in a happier work environment.


Grading by color or number is easier and more accurate than grading by digital weight alone.

Detecting color or crate number only involves the eyes while converting a digital weight to a particular destination crate engages the whole brain. Shifting the grading weight ranges can be especially confusing under the old method, as the mind has to learn to use a new set of weight values.

The result is color or number grading is less tiring for experienced operators, resulting in fewer mistakes in grading and better product quality.

Ease of Use

New or inexperienced employees find it is much easier to learn to grade lobsters using the color/number system.

Side-by-side tests have shown that employees with 1 hour training on the VisiGrader can grade lobsters as fast and as accurately as employees with years of experience using the old traditional method.

This makes it easier to find workers to perform the grading task.

Changing Grade Weights

Different customers may have differing grade requirements.

With the VisiGrader, changing weight grades is simplified. Different weight ranges can be saved, identified by customer name. A customer name can be selected and the VisiGrader is instantly changed to the new weight ranges.  This assigns a new set of weight ranges to the different crate colors or crate numbers.

Hundreds of custom weight ranges can be stored on the VisiGrader under different customer names.

For the operator the process remains the same as before: all lobsters that show green (or crate 3) go in the green crate (or crate 3). Those that show blue (or crate 5) go in the blue crate (or crate 5). And so on...

The result is more accurate grading, reduced costs, happier customers and happier employees.

Speed and Productivity

Using the VisiGrader, one person can grade lobsters about as fast as two people using the old, traditional method.

With the VisiGrader, a crate of lobsters is placed on the digital scale.

Only one operator is required

As each lobster is removed from the supply crate, the VisiGrader screen instantly indicates by color or crate number, which destination crate the lobster should be placed in. The person grading simply observes the color or crate number and places the lobster in the correct crate. This cuts labor costs by half.

Lobster grading the old traditional way involves two people and a digital scale. One person removes a lobster from the supply crate and places it on the digital scale. The other person reads the weight on the scale, removes the lobster from the scale and places it in one of several destination crates, depending on the weight of the lobster.

Tests have shown that labor productivity (pounds of lobsters graded per man-hour) improves by 90 – 100 %.

Reduced Lobster Stress

The old, traditional method requires that the lobster be handled twice - once to place the lobster on the scale, and again to take the lobster from the scale and place it in the destination crate.

Using the VisiGrader, lobsters are only handled once, as they are removed from the supply crate and placed in the destination crate.

This cuts handling stress in half, reducing losses due to 'shrink'.

Cost Savings

Two workers per scale will grade about 10 crates of lobsters per hour. At a pay rate of $15 per hour, the cost will be $30.00, or $3.00 per crate.

Using the VisiGrader with one worker per scale, one person will grade 9 to 10 crates per hour. At a pay rate of $15 per hour grading 9 crates per hour, the cost will be $1.67 per crate.

Profits are increased by $1.33 per crate - a 45% gain

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