NOW! Increase your profits by using the VisiGrader to grade lobsters.

Converts your present scale to an 8 or 12-crate, color/number grader.


Here is a short (39 sec) video of the VisiGrader in action.

If you are grading lobsters by using two workers and a scale, what if you could hire a person to grade lobsters for $500 per month?

If you could, would you do it? Seriously, would you do it?

Well now you can, and here's how:

One person with a VisiGrader Workstation will be able to grade lobsters just as fast as two people, doing it the old way.

The cost to rent a VisiGrader is only $500 per month. And the best part is you only pay for the time you need it!

Check out the benefits.

See how it works.

The VisiGrader is available NOW for rent or purchase.

For a FREE DEMO and Custom Quote phone us at 800 890 8608.